Quality of Life!

In the palm of your hand!

The Sonicbalance Massager

Now you can experience the sounds of soothing relief in the palm of your hand anywhere.. at anytime!

With the Sonicbalance Massager you will become the master of your own pain. No longer will it control your actions or your thinking.

If you experience pain, you will know just how to relieve it!

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Video Testimonials

Open Flame Burn
Double Steam Burn
Workout Recovery
Barbed Wire Leg Wound
Torn Shoulder Muscles
Noosch Loves Her Buzz!
About us

Who we are!

We have been researching the harmonic uses of sound for over 20 years. We have developed the Sonicbalance™ & the 4Balnce™ Technology over the last 2 years.

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Sonicbalance Club Services

We have a new Sonicbalance Club Website for all of your Sonicbalance Massager services! If you own a Sonicbalance Massager, you are automatically enrolled into membership of the Sonicbalance Club and have access to all of our services for free!

We have Sonicbalance Massagers available for loan through our Sonicbalance Club Library and we offer free training, maintenance & upgrading sessions.